ServeMaster Concept

Have you ever experienced an "AH HA" moment? You've been trying and trying, suddenly everything comes together and what you have been attempting to do finally happens ....perfectly? It is the most surprising and wonderful moment but there is only one don't know how to repeat it!

Enter ServeMaster, your secret weapon to feeling that "AH HA" moment quickly and easily. ServeMaster takes you through what the serve motion feels like with the correct grip. Once you "get it" you can repeat your skills until you own your serve!

In sport, FEEL is the most powerful tool for learning. Efficiency of movement and relaxation skills are key to making any athletic movement work.  The tennis serve is a complex series of movements that makes relaxation seem impossible! Serving is often misunderstood and poorly executed so we need to keep it really simple. ServeMaster makes it as easy as 1,2,3,4. 

Everything with ServeMaster is done WITHOUT a ball. All you have to do is: hold the correct grip and get ServeMaster moving on a fluid path. Feeling the correct shape of the serve swing and letting your body move in natural ways is the KEY! Once you feel it you will be able to start transferring the information to a racket and hitting serves like never before.

ServeMaster can be used for ground strokes, overheads, movement drills, dynamic warm-up, stretching and strengthening, too!

Successfully achieve the following things with ServeMaster:

  • A Continental grip at last!
  • Overall coordination for continuous and sequential movement on the serve
  • An abbreviated or classic motion
  • Timing of a pinpoint or platform stance
  • A REAL flat, slice, kick and topspin serve
  • Consistency and placement
  • Optimum point of contact for all serve types
  • Toss arm movement, tempo and consistency
  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Stretching and strengthening
  • Non-dominant side development

How to learn with ServeMaster tennis training tool

And Serve Like the Pros!

A service motion is getting the racket to move on a set path and then placing the ball toss in the way of the moving racket head. It is predictable and patterned yet free and whippy. Most often players just toss the ball up and try to hit it. If this is you, you need a Servemaster.

Serving is a complex series of movements that need to be linked together in sequential order (often referred to as a kinetic chain). This flowing movement creates the ability to hit a powerful, efficient and effortless serve. Our bodies are smart. Given the right tools and information we can quickly learn an efficient swing motion and swing shape. Keep it simple!

The Swing:

Place your hand on the grip marker and from start position. Let the weighted end drop so that momentum swings it on a downward arc towards the ground.  Momentum will also take your hand and the weighted end back up. When you feel the weight rise in back, simply bend your elbow and let the end loop down and around behind you in a continuous figure 8 motion. Swing up to contact point and finish across your body by catching the middle of the cord with the tossing hand.

The Fundamental Serve:

Download ServeMaster PDF Quick Start Guide>  download-button.png

Then, watch the first step to a great serve technique in the following video: 

Ready to work on your serve?