WTA Player, Alycia Parks, Makes Acing Look Easy

by Lisa Dodson, owner ServeMaster and TossMaster

Alycia Parks- Now WTA Ranked #75 - January 9, 2023

2021 US Open, Parks tied the record for the fastest serve at the tournament by a woman, matching Venus Williams with a 129mph bomb. It tied Parks for fifth on the list of all-time fastest serves on the WTA Tour.

What are the odds that someone will be successful on the professional tennis tour? Minuscule.

But it sure helps to have a HUGE serve...

alycia-pic-first-title-cropped.jpegI first met Alycia Parks in 2011 when she was 9 years old.  She just turned 22 at the turn of 2022.

ServeMaster and I have been a supporter of Alycia since the day we met and we have BOTH come a long way.

As a tennis developer, hundreds of parents and coaches have told me they have the next big player.  This time I really thought the Parks family had gotten it right.

And....she is MAKING IT, right now.

6'1" tall and muscled like an Olympian, Alycia has used her God-given talents to fight her way to where she is today.  She has worked tirelessly and certainly learned many lessons along the way.  But she is MAKING IT, right now.  

With several top 10 victories, 2 tour singles titles and 3 tour doubles titles she is climbing her way to the top.  Routinely hitting 10+ aces per match really helps.....

Just how important is her serve to her break through and her success?

In the Ostrava Open (Oct 2022) Alycia's win over Maria Sakkari (top 10) was fueled by 59 winners, including 15 aces.  She also defeated former world #1 Karolina Pliskova in the same tournament.

WTA Player, Alycia Parks, Endorses ServeMaster Tennis Training Tool

What about “ServeMaster? It’s crazy how good that thing is” says the Parks camp.

Alycia, a true athlete, started using ServeMaster at age 9.  It was key for smoothing out her motion and getting a rhythm for acceleration.  Possibly the most important thing it did was to promote a healthy shoulder.

What does Alycia say when asked about how she can serve so powerfully?

"I don’t really know, it just feels natural to me. I don’t have to think about it. I get a lot of easy points so I can feel more relaxed and confident with the rest of my game. ServeMaster has really helped me a lot”.  

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