The Revolutionary Way to Perfect Your Toss, is finally here!

by The Tennis Concepts

If you get frustrated with that pesky toss, you are certainly not alone…and we want to help you.

TossMaster™ could be exactly what you need, right now, for simple understanding of the serve toss AND an effective way to practice it….There is nothing else like it anywhere. Really.

OK, do you finally want to know what it’s all about?

TossMaster™ is an interactive template mat that lets players experience, feel and see ball toss locations, foot placement and stance for 3 different serve types. It addresses serving to the deuce court and ad court and is made for right-handed and left-handed players. It can be used for any size player (some informed modification may be needed for players under 5’2 or over 6’2). FREE support videos will teach you how different grips match different stances for all serve types and to understand how to hit each type of serve.

With TossMaster™:

  • Get full video support on how to develop your toss and your entire serve
  • Develop consistent and predictable toss placement
  • Learn to serve first and second serves without FEAR and FRUSTRATION
  • Learn the basics of a flat, slice and kick serve
  • Get FAST results through practice anywhere, anytime

Please let me and TossMaster™ help you with your serve! 

TossMaster will be available at a retail price of $149.00. Just follow this link to order: 

For video support and TossMater™ and other serving exercises, please visit our Videos page. 

Purchase TossMaster Here