ServeMaster Review by USPTA Elite Professional Todd Nassief

by Lisa Dodson

Tons of coaching skills, such as imagination, patience and problem-solving, are needed to teach the tennis serve - the most difficult shot in tennis. Figuring out how to get the best results from every player as quickly as possible is also important. Take a peak below at Todd Nassief's experience of using ServeMaster and how our tennis trainer helps his high school team for practicing serves. We are very thankful for his willingness to write this review of our product and we are so happy that he continues to have great success with his students.

Todd Nassief is a USPTA Elite Professional and Ashtabula County, Ohio’s Coach of the Year. With the energy of 5 people, he coaches the boys and girls high school teams at the St. John School. Teaching kids who have never played before and turning them into County Champions is his specialty. Todd’s accomplishments are many and his passion for the game of tennis is without limits. 

Todd Nassief's Review of ServeMaster:

Teaching the tennis serve is one of the most difficult things to do as a coach. In my years of coaching I believe I’ve seen every imaginable serve, the eastern forehand grip serve, the waiter serve, the tomahawk serve, the double pump serve and my personal favorite, the lead with the elbow flyswatter serve. I have tried just about everything to correct every scenario like most teaching pros. Some click and some don’t, there is no easy way. That is until I was on vacation in Florida. I am always searching for ways to teach and I expressed how hard it is to teach the serve to a friend of mine, and she showed me this rubber contraption. After just a couple swings with it I knew this was it. The ServeMaster makes it so easy to do, from the grip, rhythm, tempo and form it creates a natural swing.

As soon as I got back to Ohio I called Lisa and ordered 10 of them for my high school team. St. John school is a small (100 student) Catholic school. We have players from D3 college down to kids that never picked up a racket and just came out for tennis because their friends play.

I couldn’t wait to get started with the team. We watched Lisa’s YouTube video on the step by step progression on how to use the ServeMaster. Players of all levels benefitted. I wasn’t sure how the advanced players would receive it, but they used it to iron out some hitches in their swings and would use them as warm up prior to matches. They immediately bought in and kept them in their bags all year. Many times during a match, when they were struggling with their serve, they would take it out on changeovers and swing away, getting back the feel of the serve.

For the beginner players it was a godsend. In our league, the matches many times come down to the bottom of the lineup, 3rd singles and 2nd doubles, and those matches generally come down to who can serve the best. I feel as though the ServeMaster gave our team the edge. The learning curve is greatly reduced. I would have the kids swing the Serve Master about 5 minutes a practice. While they would hit a hopper of serves I would have them swing the ServeMaster 5 times then hit 5 serve. Alternating this way would smooth out the rhythm of the swing. No longer would players take the racket back, pause as they tossed the ball, then re-swing. The beginner player was hitting good looking effective serves after just one practice!

I really appreciated the grip of the ServeMaster, teaching the student the continental grip right away. Nothing is more frustrating and will hold back a player as when they use the wrong grip.

Honestly if I could only have one piece of training equipment, this would be it! It just makes the game easier and more fun for the students.

Todd Nassief

USPTA Elite Professional

Head boys and girls coach, St John School, Ashtabula Ohio

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