Mark Schminke ServeMaster Review

by Lisa Dodson

Developing the serve is always a challenge for both the teacher and the student. The teacher's approach has to center on how a particular student will learn easiest and best.  Typically teachers/pros do too much talking and showing and not enough feeling.  Getting a player to FEEL what is correct is the most powerful tool that we can use.

How do we get players to experience what great serve technique FEELS like?

Take a peak below at Mark Schminke's experience of using ServeMaster in his academy. We are very thankful for his willingness to write this honest review of our product and we are thrilled that he continues to have great success with his students.

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The ServeMaster Review by Mark Schminke:

Mark Schminke - writes review of ServeMaster Tennis Aid

"Teaching rhythm is tough.  I sometimes feel like teaching a student how to serve is like teaching someone with two left feet how to dance. I know that motions eventually smooth out with repetition and time, but wouldn’t it be nice to make the learning curve shorter? Well, I have definitely come across the answer when it comes to serving, and it’s called ServeMaster. Owner Lisa Dodson says “There is no replacement for FEEL in sports. ServeMaster accelerates learning and improvement by letting players experience what if FEELS like to hit a natural serve motion. In this way they can feel the difference between what they do and what is correct. Then, there is some concrete way to move forward with improvement”

Over the past two months, I’ve been introducing Servemaster to  students who have never hit serves before and those who have hit thousands.  

It works on absolutely all fronts, a feat that not many teaching tools can claim. No longer do I have to breakdown the serve motion into little steps. My students have picked up the basic serve motion and are hitting great serves within five minutes. For beginning servers, I always help by tossing the ball for them, allowing them to work on just the swing motion. 

Children tennis players using ServeMaster

Experienced servers have been amazed at the additional power they are able to generate from the continuous serve motion. That means no more start and stop robot serve motions. It’s been smooth fluent swinging for every one of my students after just one lesson.

The ServeMaster boasts more then the average serving aid

It sports an identical 8 sided racket grip allowing for the student to practice continental grip without fear of mishits. They come in three different sizes, ranging in length and swing weight. The lighter weight ServeMaster has just one ball at the end, and is around the same length as a junior 25” racket. The adult ServeMaster has three balls at the end, and is closer to a full 27” racket length.

All in all, the ServeMaster is without a doubt one of the best teaching aids I have used to date. It troubleshoots all sorts of serve issues such as tempo, ball toss, balance, leg use, reaching up, and generating more power. The  ServeMaster ranges in price from $39.95 for the junior, up to $119.95 for all three. Check them out at and make the serve a much easier teaching experience!"

Mark Schminke has been living in Myrtle Beach since 2008, but is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Graduating from the University of Virginia with a bachelors in both economics and music, he moved to Myrtle Beach in 2008 to begin his career as a tennis professional. He is now the owner and head tennis professional of the Schminke Tennis Academy located in Carolina Forest.